ALPOL carries out works basing on its own technical back-up facilities including

1. TÜNKERS PE 3602 vibrator of the mass of 2500 kg
2. TÜNKERS PE 5004 vibrator of the mass of 5000 kg (with a variable vibration amplitude)
3. PVE 2316 VM vibrator of high frequency, which makes operation among numerous buildings possible, with full   
    monitoring that protects  operation of the unit without any negative effects on the environment,
4. Pneumatic hammer BSP-600,
5. Mobile cranes up to 40 Mg,
6. Girder trucks,
7. Low-loader trailer unit NS-400 - load capacity of 50 t,
8. Power generators up to 250 kVA,
9. Compressor 17 m3/min

Several vital remarks about PVE 2316VM in our possession. It is a high frequency vibrator with an adjustable eccentric moment. The current range of conventional vibrators with a constant eccentric moment is characterized by so called critical frequency range during start and at the moment of vibrator switching off. Owing to the fact that the vibrator has already reached its maximum frequency, passing through the critical range does not occur. In addition to the automatic adjustment there is also manual adjustment from a remote controller of eccentric weights, from zero to the maximum eccentric moment. By means of the moment adjustment you can determine the best amplitude for each soil conditions in such a way that soil disturbances are reduced to a minimum. Due to the adjustable eccentric moment the vibrator will maintain its maximum frequency. In practice, the vibrator will not show rpm drop at power maximum requirements. Control functions of PVE-VM are simple and protected against misuse.